ADIM FARAH, My Name is Farah

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ADIM FARAH, My Name is Farah Turkish drama in English

The Turkish series Adim Farah, my name is farah It is broadcast on the Fox channel and is an adaptation of the Argentine miniseries La Chica de la Limpieza. It stars Demet Özdemir (Erkenci Kus) and Engin Akyürek (Kacis).

ADIM FARAH Episodes in English

This Turkish series is in its First season.

My name is Farah Plot – Synopsis

6 years ago Farah was a 28-year-old Iranian woman fleeing her country. As she fled from Iran to France she finds out that she is pregnant and stops in Istanbul.
Farah is illegal in Turkey for problems with your documentation. Their son is born and they discover that the child has a rare disease. He starts working for Tahir Lekesiz, a mafia man.

Tahir offers her to work for him as a cleaning woman and he will protect her from the law and help her with her son’s illness.
Farah witnesses a crime and thus becomes involved in mafia affairs.

Cast and Characters

Farah Ersadi as Demet Özdemir.
Tahir Lekesiz as Engin Akyurek.
Mehmet Kosaner as Fırat Tanış.
Vera Akıncı as Senan Kara.
Perihan Kosaner as Lale Basar.
Kaan Akıncı as Oktay Çubuk.
Bekir as Mert Dogan.
Gönül Koşaner as Derya Pınar Ak.
İlyas as Kemal Burak Alper.

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