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AILE Turkish drama in English

aile turkish series

The Turkish series Aile, Familia is produced by Ay Yapim and will be screened on Show TV. It stars Kivanc Tatlitug (Carpisma) and Serenay Sarikaya (Sahamaran). Both Kivanc and Serenay have been away from open TV screens for a long time, so this series was eagerly awaited. The series was shot in the city of Izmir (Izmir).
The Family series is an adaptation of the successful American series The Sopranos.

AILE Complete Episodes in English

It is in its first season.


AILE, FAMILY Plot – Synopsis

Aslan is the head of the wealthy Soykanlar family, he runs a nightclub that he received as a family inheritance and the whole life of the family revolves around this business. He is quite a successful man but his large family gives him headaches. For that reason, he decides to start seeing a psychologist to help him handle these situations. Devin will be his psychologist. She also has a heavy family history and they will both seek to heal together.
The series shows the controversial family relationships, the contradictions of love and hate between family members.

AILE Cast and Characters

Kıvanç Tatlıtug as Aslan Soykanlar
Serenay Sarikaya as Devin
Nejat İşler as Cihan
Canan Ergüder as Leyla
Nur Sürer as Hülya
Levent Ülgen as İbo


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