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GULCEMAL Turkish Serie in English

GULCEMAL Complete Episodes in English

This Turkish series is in its first season. Follow the link below to watch it online subtitled in English for free.

GULCEMAL Plot – Synopsis

If we had to make a brief review of the Turkish series, we can mention Gülcemal who was abandoned by his mother when he was still very young. This led him to become a ruthless and dark man, he was far from changing in the lonely world he grew up with. On the contrary, he stubbornly became a true and hopeless monster, yet there was love in his heart. Although to the view of others who observed him as he was, they did not believe that he had love.

Therefore, throughout his life he did not find a place in this world. On the other hand, a woman named Deva appears, very beautiful who appears to be harmless and even naive. However, behind this is a strong woman who is willing to fight and defend herself if necessary.

This is how their paths cross and produce an explosive clash of mutual hatred, however this will change and become love.

Without a doubt, a story is born here that should clarify the position that its protagonists will take:

In Gülcemal’s heart there is an internal war due to the abandonment of his mother, this puts him in conflict with love. On the other hand, we have the beautiful Deva, she will accept that perhaps it is an impossible love or she will fight for her instinct of conquering and fighting woman of hers.

Cast and Characters

  • Murat Ünalmış – Gülcemal Şahin
  • Melis Sezen – Deva Nakkaşoğlu
  • Edip Tepeli-Mert
  • Nilay Erdönmez – Gülendam Şahin
  • Atilla Şendil – Halil İbrahim
  • Cahit Gök–Vefa
  • Nilüfer Açıkalın – Gara Ana
  • Samet Kaan Kuyucu–Armağan

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