Where is the Hazzopulo Passage?

The Hidden Passage Hazzopulo

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. Along Istlikal Avenue, the busiest in the city of Istanbulnot far from Taksin Square, you can barely see a door that leads to the typical stalls selling items to tempt tourists. A sign “Passage Hazzopulo” it does not give more data than can be found. From this point there is not much more to say and foreign tourists usually pass by on their visit.

In my case, when I travel I can’t walk past those stalls without stopping, I just go through the door. I went into the alley Seeing that they had the best prices in the entire tourist area and arriving at the end, about 30 meters away. the surprise appeared: a square surrounded by bars, art venues, trees, a different world. Notably there were no tourists, but young Istanbulis with a very bohemian atmosphere. If they cross the square they can go out into the back street. A space full of magic and charm to sit down and enjoy a cay.

Hazzopulo passage

I was so fascinated that I couldn’t help but investigate a little about this place in the city and according to what they say, the city’s intellectuals met in that square of bars in times of the convulsed politics of the country in the 70s and 80s. Currently, that atmosphere of social and revolutionary debate is no longer in the air, but it is undoubtedly a cultural site that is different from the commercial environment that surrounds it.

Hazzopulo passage

I was only able to take a photo from afar and without people being seen because they immediately alerted me that it was not possible. But at least I can show you that photo and it will give you an idea.
Without hesitation, if you go to Istanbul it is a place to visit.

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