How is the weather in Turkey?

When to travel to Turkey?

to opt for some travel to turkey, and have all the information possible about this magical country, the best thing is to know what and what the climate is like. These elements must be taken into account when plan a trip to the city and pack.

turkey summer

The turkish weather It is conditioned by the vast geographical extension of the country. We cannot speak of a unique Turkish climatebut there are differences depending on the time of year, the area that is visited or the height at which we are.

Climate by region

Usually when we talk about weather in turkey we have to talk about contrasts. The north has mild temperatures, the center of the country enjoys a continental climate, like that of Eastern Europe, while the south and the coasts have a Mediterranean climate conditioned by the waters of the seas Aegean and of Crete.

In istanbul, the most visited city in the country, the temperature varies according to the time of year. The most pleasant temperatures in istanbul They are found from May to September, when they range between 28 and 12 degrees Celsius.

In Turkey summers are usually hotwith temperatures that can exceed 40 degrees Celsius on the coasts of the Aegean and cold winters, dry in the interior and wet in the coastal regions.

cloudy weather

The rainiest region is in the north, on the banks of the Black Seawhich has a subtropical climate, while the driest is that of anatolian and the southeast of the Asian zone, on the border with the Arab countries. southeast of anatolian It is also the coldest region in the country, and can even reach -13 degrees Celsius in winter. This is typical of the steppe climate, with sudden drops in temperature in winter and at night.

Weather in Istanbul

The people who visit istanbul They can wait hot and humid summers, and cold winters with occasional snowfall. Despite the heat of the summer, it is also the rainy season, so sometimes rainfall is welcome to refresh the atmosphere. Spring is windy and with light rains.

The humidity in the city is high, which affects the temperature, since in general it feels even more raw than what it really marks.

Snowfall usually occurs between the months of November to Aprilbut they are not intense.

Weather in Ankara

In Ankara the climate is drier (it is located in the center of the country) and the winters are usually cold due to the harshness of the continental climate in that season. Winter temperatures can reach -4 degrees Celsius with snowfall, while summers are dry. The rains are present in the fall.

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