KEREM BURSIN and his New Girlfriend

Kerem Bursin’s New Romance

In this world, love sometimes comes when we least expect it. And for the handsome Turkish actor Kerem Bursin, this has come true again. It is said that he has found a new flame in his life, and his name is Mehtap Algül.


Although some rumors suggested that Kerem was back with his ex-girlfriend Serenay Sarikaya, all fell apart when it was discovered that his heart was truly occupied by Mehtap. And how could it not be? Mehtap is a beautiful Community Manager who has captivated Kerem’s heart with her charm and her unique personality.

Interestingly, Mehtap has also had a romantic past with another Turkish actor, Uraz Kaygılaroğlu, who starred in the popular series Uc Kuruz. But now, it is Kerem’s heart that beats so hard for her. And who knows, maybe her love is the spark that ignites an eternal flame. Long live love!


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