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SAHMARAN Turkish series

The Turkish Serie SAHMARAN will be produced by Netflix, which for a couple of years has clearly bet on Turkish productions.

It stars Serenay Sarikaya (Fi CI) and Burak Denis (Marasli)

Sahmaran Episodes

It has a first season with 8 chapters.

Sahmaran Plot – Synopsis

Many years ago Sahsu’s grandfather abandoned his daughter, Sahsu’s mother, when he was a teacher in Adana.

Sahsu is also a teacher and she has to go to the city where her grandfather lives to teach. The girl confronts her grandfather, reproaching her for abandoning her and informs her that her mother has died. From this, secrets of the family’s past will begin to be revealed.

Sahsu’s mother belonged to an unusual and mysterious community called Mar, descendants of the mystical Sahmaran. Believing in the legend of Shahmaran, one of the greatest symbols of love and wisdom, the Mar race hopes that the historical prophecy will be completed with the return of the goddess. The legend will be completed when the paths of Sahsu and Maran cross

What does Sahmaran mean?

She is a figure from Persian, Turkish and Kurdish mythology, half woman and half snake.

Şahmeran, Sahmaran or Shahmaran, means “Queen of Serpents” and is represented by a beautiful woman who wears a crown and from the waist down is a snake.

Legend has it that the young man named Jamasp gets lost in the forest and finds the beautiful Şahmeran. They fall in love with her and Sahmeran reveals the secret that she can cure all diseases. After a while, Jamasp misses the village life and leaves.

Many years later, the king of Tarsus falls ill and his Vizier tells him that he will only be cured with the meat of Sahmeran. They force Jamasp to confess where the snake-woman is, capture her and kill her. The king eats meat and is cured, the Vizier is poisoned. Desperate Jamasp eats that meat to poison himself but he acquires Sahmeran’s knowledge and becomes a doctor.

Şahmeran is revered to cure disease, prolong life, and impart wisdom.

His legends are especially popular in the Anatolian region of Turkey and among the Kurds. In the city of Mardin, in the southeast of Turkey, there are many artisans who make representations of this mythical creature.

It is common to see his image in paintings in homes in that area, as a form of protection. It is also used as a charm for health and good luck.

Sahmeran is one of the most popular superstitions in Turkey, along with the Hand of Fatima and the Blue Eye Nazar.


Will the beautiful Serenay be the one to heal Burak’s heart? Both actors have recently broken up with their partners!!!

Cast and Characters

Serenay Sarıkaya – Şahsu
Burak Deniz-Maran
Mustafa Uğurlu – Davut
Mahir Günşiray – Ural
Mert Ramazan Demir – Cihan
Ebru Özkan – Çavgeş
Hakan Karahan – Lakmu
Elif Nur Kerkuk – Medine
Mehmet Bilge Aslan – Salih
Berfu Halisdemir – Diba

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