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Tacsiz Presses Turkish series

The Turkish series Tacsiz Prenses, Princess without a Crown It is broadcast on the Turkish Fox TV channel. The main character’s name is Masal which means “fairy tale” in Turkish.
The protagonists are the girl Elif Kurtaran and the Turkish actor İsmail Hacıoğlu.

Tacsiz Prenses, the Princess without a Crown

The Turkish series The Princess Without a Crown is in its first season.

Tacsiz Prenses, the Princess without a Crown Plot, Synopsis

Massal is a girl raised by her mother Sirin who tried to make her happy by sharing with her dreams and fantasies of a happy life. Until her mother falls ill and is hospitalized, then Masal is left alone to face the cruel reality of life and life. wickedness of his stepfather Fuat.

Masal is an intelligent, clever and skillful girl, she will have to learn to lie, steal, and toughly defend yourself like a bully in order to survive.

Her stepfather is an alcoholic, depressed and wants to make money off her, but the girl will be a tireless fighter.


Masal will always be accompanied by her faithful dog Kofte and one day the schoolteacher Evgin will come to his aid. This teacher is a honest and idealistic man, he was educated in an orphanage and fights for social equality and the defense of the unprotected. Evgin is bright and funny and is loved by all of his students.
Masal hopes that her mother will recover her health and that they will live together happily with Kofte again.

Cast and Characters of Tacsiz Prenses

İsmail Hacıoğlu – Evgin
Sümeyye Aydoğan – Yağmur
Tolga Tekin
Elif Kurtaran – Masal
Akman Silk
Mustafa Kırantepe–Şahin
Feride Çetin–Şirin