Typical Turkish DRINKS

Typical Turkish Drinks

All countries have their typical drinks, Turkey stands out because it does not have a single drink but 4 that are typical and 3 of them are world famous.


The famous ones are Tea or Çay, coffee and Raki, which is an alcoholic drink. The Ayran is not known outside the Turkish community, but it is the drink with which they accompany all meals and at all times.

Ayran the Turkish Yogurt

The Turks accompany all their meals with this drink. It is a sheep’s milk yogurt, salty, with lemon and pepper.


Turkish Tea or Cay

Turkish tea, or çay, is a variety of black tea. It can be taken sweet, although it is more common for Turks to take it bitter. It is taken everywhere and at all times. In addition to the classic, there are thousands of varieties of tea, both fruit and flower. It is served in small tulip-shaped glass cups and they are taken one after another.

turkish tea


Turkish coffee or Kahve

Coffee is another typical drink of the country, in Turkish it is called kahve. It is prepared in copper saucepans. The most traditional is cooked in hot sand. It is never taken with milk.

It is served in small, beautifully decorated porcelain cups or with metal cup covers and lids to preserve heat.

cup of turkish coffee


It is a liquor very similar to anise that is mixed with water and taken cold. It is taken especially to accompany fish, but it is also common after dinner after dinner.



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