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UVEY ANNE, STEPMOM Turkish series in English

The Turkish series UVEY ANNE, STEPMOM belongs to the dramatic genre. This series is broadcast on the Turkish TV channel ATV.

Uvey Anne Episodes in English

It is in its first season.



Faruk is the owner of a company, he has his wife Efsun and their children. His wife falls ill and despite medical treatment the woman dies.
Faruk has an assistant, Serap is an ambitious woman who becomes his right hand. Serap’s main goal is to get rich and enter the Istanbul upper class.
When Faruk’s wife falls ill, Serap takes the lead in helping Faruk run the business. The grandmother of the children Nisan, Naz and Ömer is looking for an educated, trustworthy and loving woman to raise them and she believes that Serap is the perfect person for the job. However, Serap does not want the boys, but she cannot refuse to collaborate.
Serap will put all his effort into getting Faruk’s fortune.

Cast and Characters

Hazal Filiz Kucukkose – Serap Kutlu
Kutsi – Faruk Gencer
Asli Tandogan – İpek Zengin
Ezgi Senler – Nissan Gencer
Ayşegül Günay – Murvet Kutlu
Hakan Eratik – Mete Sonmez
Bengü Ergin – Efsun Gencer


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