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KRALICE, QUEEN Turkish serie in English

The turkish series Kralice, Queen It is an adaptation of the Queen Sugar series. It is broadcast by channel Kanal D of Turkey and belongs to the dramatic genre. It stars two very popular and beloved Turkish actors from the public, Burcu Özberk (Affili Ask) and Gökhan Alkan (Kaderimin Oyunu).

Kralice English Episodes

The series is in its first season.


Kralice Plot – Synopsis

Ates and Deniz are married in a happy marriage and have a daughter Ruya. Ates is a very famous basketball player and coach. All is well until a video spreads involving Ates with one of the players on the basketball team. And a huge media scandal breaks out. Deniz is greatly disappointed by her husband.
At the same time, Deniz’s father suddenly dies of a stroke. The girl is living a terrible moment.

Deniz has to move to Kefken, a town near Istanbul where her father lived for the funeral. There he meets his two brothers Zeynep and Ali, with whom he has always had problems.
When reviewing the father’s business, they discover that he had many problems on his land before he died.
Ates will have to fight to overcome all these problems and to prove his innocence and that so many things do not separate him from Deniz and his daughter.


Cast and Characters

Gökhan Alkan as Ates
Burcu Özberk as Deniz
Selin Sekerci as Zeynep
Özgün Karaman as Ali
Ayse Akin as Narin
Serhat Parıl as Mahir
Afra Karagöz as Duygu
Gülşehri Mina Kekeç as Rüya
Umut Kaplıca as Aslan


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